Sorting red crabs by weight, size and checking its freshness

Remove foreign materials of crabs with a compressive sprayer

Remove foreign materials except raw materials (sea weeds, fishing lines, etc.)

Remove the crab shell and separate the body and legs

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Remove the floating materials with running water

Steaming the crab body and leg meat for a specific time and at a specific temperature

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Quick freezing to maintain freshness

Refrigeration at under 0℃

Collect leg meat

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Collect body meat

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Remove foreign materials during production

Check the weight by product

Fix the shape by product

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Quick freezing at under -35℃

Remove the shape frame by product

Check the condition of final product before packing

Vacuum packing of product

Inspect and sort foreign materials before shipping finished product

Packing for export and domestic products

Cold storage at under -25℃

Delivery to each orderer